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Welcome to FuelogicWelcome to FuelogicWelcome to Fuelogic

FUELOGIC Product Line



 High reliability, mission critical full function fuel transfer / return PCB based pump control module based upon integrated relay logic. FCM can also act as "smart" pump control for bulk storage tanks from pumpless tankers by example. FCM and its fascia and pump contactors can be supplied in a compact cabinet. Alternatively both can be mounted in most machine control panels where space exists. Fuelogic control panels are vibration isolated.  



 Contains DPCM, DPCM fascia, dual pumps & pump contactors. Fabricated from 14 gauge steel or aluminumm it includes leak containment and optional leak detection. 



 Duel pump control module for Duty / Standby (Lab/Lead) pump applications. Pump Anti-bump circuit included in DPCM package. Where pumps are mounted locally to machine being serviced with fuel. DPCM and its fascia can be installed alongside FCM in a combined control cabinet. For remote supply pumps DPCM, control fascia and pumps can be supplied in a steel or aluminum cabinet. DPCM can receive fuel request signals from multiple machines requiring fuel.  



 A market upgrade to the traditional float switch consisting of standard float switch pattern of 6 floats for full function FCM inputs. Switches use stainless steel stems and buna N floats.  



 The Re-Port is our newest innovation (patent pending) to a simple and cost effective approach to retrofitting a port or flanged fitting onto the top of existing tank or bulkhead with limited or no rear access, without (in most cases) the need for drain down. It requires no welding or internal tank entry and does not adversely affect UL142/2085. It adds strength to the tank. 



Automatic Fuel Polishing (AFP) removes water, bacterial growth and other particulates from diesel that are detrimental to fuel systems and thereby resolving many issues related to degraded fuel. 

Why Fuelogic


Fuelogic fuel transfer management controls are based upon a proven, fully integrated circuit and relay logic. PCB based, designed with high reliability and ease of maintainability as the foundation for mission critical solutions for base or day tank applications.

“No laptop or programming required”

The Control suite is based upon components: FCM, DPCM and fully adjustable, maintainable high end float switches and supporting architecture.

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